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How To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

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Getting subscribers on YouTube is the next logical step after creating a YouTube marketing channel for your video marketing campaign. If you want your videos to be seen and your message to be heard, you need to grow your channel. YouTube subscribers are the only way to accomplish this. But how do you increase your YouTube subscribers?

To help you grow your YouTube marketing channel exponentially, we’ll go over everything you need to know about getting more subscribers. We hope to answer questions like, “How do you get subscribers on YouTube?” Moreover, how do you quickly gain subscribers on YouTube? As a bonus, we’ll show you how to get more subscribers on YouTube FOR FREE!

In this article, you’ll learn how to get more YouTube subscribers with three easy steps.

1. Follow YouTube SEO Best Practices

Following YouTube SEO best practises and optimising your YouTube marketing profile are effective ways to ensure your video marketing campaigns are seen by your target audience. With video SEO optimization, you can increase the visibility of your video marketing channel and make it easier for viewers to discover your videos. In no time at all, by following these YouTube SEO hints, you’ll have a steady stream of new YouTube subscribers.

Optimize Your Channel

YouTube is a highly competitive platform, and you’re wondering, “How do I get more subscribers?” Getting lost in the avalanche of content on YouTube can be difficult. An excellent example of why you need to optimise your YouTube channel for SEO is shown here. Here are a few YouTube SEO pointers to get your channel noticed by the right people:

  • Use a channel icon. In a sense, it’s a custom thumbnail that promotes your brand across the YouTube network.
  • Create a tagline. Subhead your channel art with a description of your channel’s unique selling point.
  • Write a compelling channel description. Add relevant keywords and explain what your business is all about in a video to help with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Create a channel trailer. Get free YouTube subscribers right away by uploading a short video describing what kind of content subscribers can expect from your channel.

Optimize Your Video Uploads

Your videos should be optimised for video. SEO unlocks special features that can help you gain subscribers on YouTube by being discovered. YouTube categorises your videos and connects you with your target audience through video SEO optimization. Make it more visible if you’ve ever wondered how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

In order to increase the number of free YouTube subscribers you receive from your video uploads, you can use the YouTube SEO tips provided by HubSpot. SEO-friendly videos have four main components, according to HubSpot:

  • A title with a specific keyword in it
  • The inclusion of a few additional target keywords in a naturally occurring video description
  • A captivating video thumbnail that draws in your intended audience, as well as a watermark and end screen with your brand’s logo to increase your YouTube subscribers’ numbers

If you don’t post content regularly, how can YouTube subscribers find you? Having a regular content schedule is the best way to get more subscribers on YouTube, as well. A video should be released once a week, while others advocate a more frequent release schedule. Corbin Hubbard, Thrive’s Media Specialist, says that the upload schedule doesn’t matter at all. To be successful on YouTube, it is critical that you publish regularly and make this information available to your viewers.

“Consistency is the key to success,” said Hubbard. Once a month, weekly, or daily? That’s fine with us.” It’s all about being consistent so your audience knows what and when to expect.”

Corbin Hubbard

YouTube subscribers can be gained as a result of following these best practises in video SEO optimization, which ensures that your content can be found either through Google Search or YouTube’s native search feature.

Organize Your Videos Into Playlists

A great YouTube SEO tip on how to get free subscribers on YouTube is organising your videos into playlists. In order to get more subscribers on YouTube, it’s important to use playlists to curate your content, which increases watch time and discoverability. In order to gain more subscribers on YouTube, a simple video playlist will not do.

“Power playlists,” according to Backlinko, can help you gain subscribers on YouTube by arranging your content according to outcomes rather than topics. If you’re looking for an outcome, think of it as “how to get subscribers on YouTube quickly.” YouTube subscribers will flock to your channel as a result of this strategy, and your current ones will benefit as well.

2. Engage Your Audience

Engaging content is the topic of the next section of our guide on how to get more YouTube subscribers. For video marketing, it’s a hot topic. Using video as an engagement tool rather than as a way to get more YouTube subscribers for free is a major focus of ours.

For the purpose of this guide, there aren’t a lot of resources out there on how to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube through engagement.

So, what are the best practises for increasing your YouTube subscriber count through active participation? Video marketing campaigns that include audience participation can be just as effective. In order to build a strong relationship with your target audience, it is important to engage with them on a regular basis. When this happens, you gain free subscribers to your YouTube channel without any effort at all.

Interested in learning how to increase your YouTube subscriber count? Continue reading here.

Respond to Each Comment

Commenting on a YouTube video is all it takes to get free subscribers. However, how does responding to comments relate to gaining more YouTube subscribers? Also, how do you increase your YouTube subscriber count by engaging with other users? The best way to get people involved is to encourage them.

What’s one of the most frequently asked questions on YouTube’s FAQs? YouTube’s response focuses on the importance of responding to comments made by your audience on a video. Increasing your fan base is easy when people are inspired by your work and want to learn more about what you have to offer.

In addition, channels that respond to comments get more attention because most other content creators don’t bother, making you stand out even more.

“Heart” Awesome Comments

Video commenters are alerted when you “heart” their comments, either through their notifications or by email (sometimes both). As soon as they do, you bring them back to your channel and give them another chance to subscribe. And since users are three times more likely to click on hearts than on any other type of notification on YouTube, this is a huge win for you. There are many free ways to gain subscribers on YouTube, but one of the most effective is to show your heart.

Ask Them to “Like and Subscribe”

In some cases, the best way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to simply ask for it. Adding a call-to-action (CTA) to your videos by reminding your viewers to like and subscribe is a good idea. It’s important that they like the video and subscribe if you want to see an increase in your YouTube subscribers. For example, “Subscribe now to learn more about how to get subscribers on YouTube fast.” “Subscribe now to learn more about how to get subscribers on YouTube fast.”

Now that you know how to get more subscribers on YouTube through engagement, it’s time to get started. Afterwards, we’ll talk about a more direct approach.

3. Promote Your YouTube Channel

Bringing in new viewers from outside of YouTube is the final step in our guide to building a YouTube subscriber list. Perhaps the answer is promoting your content, if you’re still wondering how to get more subscribers on YouTube. You can either do this on your own or hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you.

Use Social Media

People on social media are eager consumers of video content. More than 3.6 billion people are expected to use social media in 2020. Most of those surveyed watched videos at least once a week, with 55% saying they watched videos every day. To learn how to get free subscribers on YouTube, use the power of social video.

Identifying channels you’re already on is the first step in figuring out how to get free subscribers on YouTube using social media. For instance, a Facebook page and an Instagram account are now commonplace for businesses. If you already have a sizable fan base on both platforms, they should be a natural addition to your YouTube marketing plan.

Increasing the number of their subscribers is another strategy that some companies use: social media advertising. Always include a link to your YouTube channel in your posts, no matter what strategy you use.

Embed Videos in Blog Posts

Use video in your SEO strategy to promote your videos and see if you can get more YouTube subscribers. Both sides can benefit from this. An increase in the amount of time a user spends on a page can have a positive effect on SEO. In the meantime, if your SEO strategy is in sync with your video, you’ll get more exposure for it. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

Share Your Videos in Newsletters

As part of your email marketing strategy, consider incorporating new content into your weekly email blasts if you’re running a newsletter If you want to get your content in front of more people, this is a great way to do it.

Leverage Influencers

Those who have mastered the art of free YouTube subscriber growth through their own content are known as “influencers.” When it comes to increasing your YouTube subscriber count, working with industry leaders is a great way to get the help you need. You gain access to a dedicated fan base and a wider audience by learning how to get a large number of subscribers on YouTube.

Promote More Videos at the End of Your Videos

Do you want to know how to get more YouTube subscribers for free? If so, read on. Using the end credits of your own videos to promote your other videos. Your video’s embedded links give you an additional chance to connect with your audience through relevant content. Subscribers are more likely to do so as they gain more value from your content.


Our tutorial on how to get more subscribers on YouTube has come to an end. We addressed frequently asked questions, such as “how do you get more subscribers on YouTube?” in this blog post. and demonstrated how to increase YouTube subscribers. What are your thoughts now that you’ve read this article about getting more YouTube subscribers for free?

To reach a larger audience, it’s critical that you keep working on building your video marketing audience after you’ve established your strategy. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to grow your YouTube following. If you have a large number of YouTube subscribers your videos will be seen. Users will be more likely to return to your channel if you have a large number of subscribers, and they will receive notifications when you post new content.

One of the most important, yet most difficult, aspects of developing a video marketing strategy is increasing your YouTube subscriber count. For your convenience, Thrive is here to assist you. By working with Thrive, you’ll have access to a team that knows everything there is to know about increasing your YouTube subscriber count.

Video marketing is at the core of everything we do at Thrive and we’re proud to share our expertise on how to get more subscribers on YouTube with you! Your video marketing efforts will benefit from our extensive knowledge of how to increase your audience. You’ll never have to wonder how to get more YouTube subscribers again if you work with Thrive. Fill out this form or give us a call at +91 8968266487 to set up a meeting with us.

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