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POV: Scroll through Instagram, maybe stalk your ex’s boyfriend’s boyfriend’s cousin’s new baby, and you happen to get an ad for your dream dress. But not just any dream dress… your dream dress. As in the dream dress that you conjured up at the age of 17 and never found – except for the pleats.

Creepy maybe. But to the point, definitely. Who cares how it got there? They click on the ad and are taken to a tiny Instagram page with fewer than three thousand followers. you stop

This might be the point where you retire and return to baby scrolling, but I personally hand over to GO. I want these Instagram ads to work so well that I’ll see it through to the end, even if I risk getting hurt.

I choose to believe in the Instagram ads. I’ve seen it work more than once with my own eyes. Some of my best looks are outfits I bought from an IG Ad clothing brand. In fact, Her Pony, a boho-chic, Vanessa Hudgens-Coachella vibe, is one of my favorite brands that I wouldn’t have found without Instagram.

My only advice when it comes to advertising: buy the clothes, not the knick-knacks. Even my friends can support me in this. They had great things to say about swimsuits, vests, dresses, sets and more…but nothing positive about the hand mixer they bought.

My ritual to save my gut health

I recently had a major hot girl health hit, so it’s only fair that my Instagram ads of probiotics and green powder are following suit. Delicious. And now that I’ve written this article, I can’t imagine what they will look like.

When I hear about a woman-owned brand that makes evidence-based products, I mean her have been tested on humans to actually work, I’m going crazy. This of course happened when I found out about it Ritual.

ritual popped up in my feed and I’ll admit I doubted the legitimacy of it for a moment. It’s one thing to buy IG clothes to wear, but another to buy supplements to wear in your body. However, the ritual has proven results to back it up.

Originally, ritual only offered multivitamins for a bunch of demos, but they now have a line of gut health synbiotics.

A synbiotic is a combination of pre-, pro-, and post-biotics to optimize your digestive system and heal your gut. Ie – the missing piece to all my gut problems?! I am sold.

What I liked even better was the rituals Website. they tell you exactly where they get their ingredients from and the role they play in your digestion. It’s super informative and each product has incredible attention to detail. It didn’t feel like another cleverly placed IG ad, but something that could really help – and something I would eventually seek out.

Trust the ad process

All in all, I would say give Instagram advertising a try. If you’re feeling a little unsure about the quality, go online and google the brand! Life sees little better and more glamorous on Instagram, so it’s no wonder we wrote off most Instagram ads as fake. But there are some that are worth the risk.

Stick to the clothes. Drop the frills. And follow your gut feeling. As a sports fan from Philadelphia, there’s a saying that I associate with many life situations, especially Instagram promotions: Trust The Process.

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