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If you are looking for a quick way to promote your product through the social media platform, Instagram is probably the best place for you. The app is designed in such a way that users can share photos and videos and combine them into a post with a so-called “Instagram Story”.

Paid Social Strategy 101: Instagram Ads

Instagram Stories are 360-degree photos or videos that are 10 seconds long. So if you’re looking for an instant advertising opportunity when it reaches the audience you want, then this will help Gain followers on Instagram. But no worry; Here are five tips that will lead you straight to success!

1. Make your product a visual story:

While you might think that just getting your product on the posts and Instagram Stories is enough, you really should think outside the box if you want to reach a larger audience. You can create a story around your product, with photos of how and why it was made. This adds another layer to your Instagram posts so you don’t just tag them along with the rest of your posts.

You can even include behind-the-scenes photos of the design and manufacture of the final product – people love to get a glimpse of companies!

2. Use a hashtag:

Although your product already has its own unique hashtag, it may not be the most popular hashtag in that particular niche. You can find out which hashtags are more appealing to your audience simply by searching for similar products. For example, if you’re launching a new line of cosmetics, search Instagram for the most popular makeup hashtags and then your own.

If there is another business using the same or similar hashtags as you, you can gain Instagram followers by commenting and liking their photos. The result: your product is exposed to potentially thousands of people who are also interested in becoming a customer!

3. Create an “About Us” story:

One of the best ways you can get more reach on Instagram by creating stories that promote your product is by teaching people about it! By creating a video that describes what makes your product unique, you can engage with customers in a whole new way. People love it when companies explain their products and their values, so they’ll want to learn more about you.

Show how you went above and beyond for your customers by sharing stories that show the importance of your product. Another great way to use an Instagram Story for promotional purposes is to use images and videos to show how the product was made or how it was designed.

4. Update Your Website With Ads:

Stories are great for getting a bigger reach on Instagram, but they only stay active for a few hours. But suppose you want to engage your audience after they have already visited your Instagram page.

In this case you can Promote your product on Instagram by updating part of your website with ads that link directly to the Instagram post. You can also use this post to show new products in the same category that you sell so your customers can see what’s coming and get more excited about orders in the future!

5. Use the business icon:

This works just like any other social media platform. Sign up for Instagram, then set up an account for your business. You can then create a username and start uploading posts to your own personal account immediately. The main difference is that you can either select an individual user profile or a company profile and use both in the same post!

This strategy has proven to be extremely effective as it allows you to have more than one person use the hashtag so they can promote your product while maintaining a consistent look and feel with their account in general. You can then select one of these users and follow them to keep up to date with their activities.


While you can use these tips and tricks to increase yours Instagram followers, it is still important to note the following. You can tell your audience the purpose of your account and target a specific type of customer, but don’t spam because that will totally turn you off.

There are way too many companies in this app to get lost in a sea of ​​content. So make sure you create unique and engaging material that will keep people coming back to see what’s new.

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