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How to run Google Ads in Naira with Adpay by Mercury

In: Advertising

AdPay by Mercurie is a new solution that enables businesses and agencies to run a Naira-based Google Ads account

Introducing Adpay by Mercurie - Run and pay for Google Ads in Naira
Adpay by Mercurie

Recently, it has been incredibly difficult for businesses and advertising agencies to pay for dollar-based digital services like Google Ads. This is mainly due to the restrictions placed on the use of naira debit cards for USD transactions by Nigerian banks.

Several virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria – including Barter by Flutterwave – have suspended their services due to an update from their card partner Union54.

AdPay by Mercurie is a new solution that enables businesses and agencies to operate a naira-based Google Ads account and pay for their Google Ads campaigns in naira. This is possible without debit, credit or virtual cards.

“We’ve heard time and time again from customers of our proprietary product – salesperson, how impossible it was to show ads on Google and other platforms due to payment problems. Unless you are a major Google advertiser, you are fundamentally required to pay for your Google ads in dollars, and we all know the challenges of paying for dollar services with naira debit cards,” said Damola Bamgboye, Mercurie’s managing director. “Digital agencies are also affected as they bill their clients in naira but have to pay Google in dollars. Their margins are largely wiped out by exchange rate differences. That’s why we launched AdPay to make naira-based Google ads accessible to everyone.”

Businesses using Adpay can now find new customers across Google’s vast network without experiencing payment disruptions. Google currently reaches over 80 million people in Nigeria across Google Search, the Display Network, YouTube and apps. While Adpay only provides the solution to run and pay for Google Ads in Naira, customers can also access expert advice on how to maximize their Google Ads campaign.

Mercurie is a Google recognized marketing technology company and has endorsed brands like Kuda Bank, Edukoya, The Place, Karen Ubani Apparel, etc. Adpay has also been used by several advertising agencies in Nigeria to quickly and efficiently launch a Naira-based Google Ads campaign for their clients.

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