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Oh Yeon Seo Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Cafe Minamdang’ Star?

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Alongside Seo In Guk, lead actress Oh Yeon Seo also captivates viewers with her mesmerizing beauty and kickass role in Cafe Minamdang, in which she takes on the role of Lieutenant Han Jae Hee. Viewers love how they witness their characters’ love-hate relationship, especially when police officer Nam Han Joon shuts down because she’s a badass. Interestingly, besides starring in the same K-drama, Oh Yeon Seo has many things in common with Seo In Guk

Oh Yeon Seo Fun Facts

Oh Yeon Seo

(Photo: Story J Instagram) Oh Yeon Seo

Like the South Korean heartthrob, the ‘A Korean Odyssey’ star started out as an idol. After joining the three-piece girl group Luv, 15-year-old Oh Yeon Seo made her music debut in 2002.

Back then, she went by the stage name Haetnim and formed a group with her colleagues Jo Eun Byul and Jeon Hye Bin. Unfortunately, her music career was short-lived after Luv only lasted six months and eventually disbanded.

From then on she tried her hand at acting; the rest is history for Oh Yeon Seo. Interestingly, prior to her acting debut, her mother reportedly consulted a shaman to legally change her name and eventually went to Oh Yeon Seo.

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Did you know that from kpop star to actress, Oh Yeon Seo works in the same agency as Seo In Guk?

After leaving her longtime agency, Sidus HQ, she joined Story J Company in 2019. In addition to the duo, the agency is also home to veteran actor Heo Joon Ho, Cafe Minamdang co-star Kwon Soo Hyun, Kim Tae Hee and Kim Jung Hyun, and more.

Another fun fact about Oh Yeon Seo is her dream project. In a 2019 interview with Official Malaysiashe told the publication that Juvenile Justice star Kim Hye Soo is the actress she looks up to.

“She is one of those veteran actresses who paved the way for younger female actors to play in bigger and more important roles,” said Oh Yeon Seo. She noted that she wanted to be like the award-winning star who shows her support for young actors.

As for her dream co-star, the actress has said she wants to work with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio without batting an eyelid.

Oh Yeon Seo Net Worth

Oh Yeon Seo

(Photo: KBS Official Instagram)

With a career spanning two decades as a singer and eventually as one of the most in-demand female leads, the 35-year-old actress has now earned millions.

With her continued projects since her debut, Oh Yeon Seo’s net worth in 2022 is USD 5 million according to a report.

Her multi-million dollar wealth stems from her acting career and endorsements. She is currently the face of skincare brand Incellderm.

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