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Krackdown: 7 years of BIGBANG’s emotional track ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love’ feat. Seo Ye Ji

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BIGBANG is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: G dragon, UP, Taeyang and Daesung. Originally a five-piece band, Seungri retired from the entertainment industry in March 2019. Dubbed the “Kings of K-Pop,” they helped spread the Korean wave internationally and are considered one of the most influential acts in K-pop. They are known for their pioneering musical experiments, original productions and stage presence.

“Let’s Not Fall in Love” was released on August 5, 2015 along with the single “Zutter” via YG Entertainment; Both tracks form the single album E as part of BIGBANGs “Made” series. The recording was written and produced by longtime group collaborator Teddy Park and band member G-Dragon. It’s a pop rock tune with a classic sentimental dance sound. The song has been described as mellow and sweet, in contrast to the band’s previous releases, with a solemn, mid-paced tone and soft vocals with a mournful mode.

The lyrics speak of a young, hesitant romance that is ultimately self-centered and defensive rather than nurturing, capturing the subtle insecurities of teenage love. It encompasses the frightening moments that accompany the beginning of a relationship, depicting the pressures and worries of starting a new relationship and committing to one person, and the potential pain that comes with the risk of opening up to someone. The message of the song is that if you like someone, despite the fears, you will still want them to stay.

Complementing the lyrics, the music video emphasizes the bliss of falling in love through the use of bright colors and fun and innocent dating depictions, which is belied by the close-up shots that emphasize the member’s worried faces. While the underexposed and dreamy sound reflects the video as fragments of a memory. The pastel, dreamy video features the five members walking around a dimly lit schoolyard, each playing the role of the boyfriend of five different models. Ha Yeon Soo, Lauren Tse, Kim Yoon Hye, Seo Ye Ji and Lee Ho Jung played TOP’s girlfriends, Taeyangdaesung, G dragonor Seungri.

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