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PHL one of the least cyber-secure nations worldwide–UK SEO firm

In: Search Optimization

According to a study conducted by a UK-based search engine optimization (SEO) company, the Philippines is one of the least cybersecure countries in the world.

A study conducted by Reboot Digital PR Services showed that the country’s cyber danger score was 62.7 out of 100. This ranked the Philippines 9th out of 25 Asian countries and 20th out of 87 countries in the world.

The least cybersecure countries in the world are Indonesia and Cyprus with an overall score of 82.8 out of 100, while Finland is the most cybersecure with a score of 12.6 out of 100.

“The Phillipines [62.7] Ranked ninth with 19 monthly drive-by downloads and an average of 880 malware-hosting sites online, which is just 20 sites more per 100,000 URLs than relatively close neighbor Malaysia, which ranks third,” said Reboot Digital PR Services in an opinion.

“Nomads spend their time relaxing on the pristine beaches and swimming in the sparkling waters their land is known for. Those more attuned to the rush of city life can head to Manila to find out why it’s called the city that never sleeps,” it added.

Reboot Digital PR Services conducted the study to identify the most cyber-secure and cyber-unsafe countries for digital nomads, particularly those traveling for work.

This study analyzed the cyber threat landscape in each country, considering the prevalence of phishing and malware along with botnet networks.

In the Philippines, according to the study, 7.98 restaurants and cafes per million offer free Wi-Fi connection. In this category, the country ranked 15th out of 87 countries with the fewest number of establishments offering free Wi-Fi connection.

The data also showed that the country ranked 14th overall as drive-by download sites, with a monthly average of 19 per 100,000 URLs.

The Philippines ranked 22nd overall with 200 URLs per 100,000 classified as “phishing” sites, while the country ranked 24th overall with 880 URLs per 100,000 classified as malware hosting sites.

The data also showed the country ranked 29th overall with 790 out of 100,000 internet users having compromised computers.

Globally, Indonesia and Cyprus, both popular destinations for tourists and digital nomads, share the crown for the world’s least cybersecure country.

They were followed by Malaysia and Vietnam with Cyber ​​Threat Scores of 79.9 and 78.2 out of 100. Bulgaria, with a Cyber ​​Threat Score of 77.6 out of 100, rounds out the top 5 least cybersecure countries in the world.

The company used Python data mining tools to extract cybersecurity statistics from over 90 Microsoft Security Intelligence reports in 2017.

The result was a comprehensive dataset including the number of phishing sites, malware hosting sites, compromised computers (part of the Gamarue botnet), and average monthly drive-by download pages for over 90 countries.

Each statistic collected, the company said, was presented on a basis of 100,000 URLs, with the exception of compromised computers, which were presented per 100,000 Internet users.

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