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SEO Consultant Offers Structured Data SEO Service To Help Businesses Rank Higher In Google

In: Search Optimization

Bruce Jonesa search engine optimization consultant with nearly 20 years of SEO experience, is now offering a new SEO service to add schema or structured data to corporate websites to help them rank better in search engines.

SEOs have been talking about structured data for a number of years – ever since Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex came together in 2011 to create a standardized list of attributes and entities that they all agreed to support, which became known as Schema.org. However, there is still a lot of confusion about what structured data is, what it is for, and how and when structured data should be implemented for SEO purposes.

Simplified for the layman, structured data usually refers to the implementation of some type of markup on a web page to provide additional detail about the content of the page. This markup improves the search engines’ understanding of that content, which can help with relevancy signals and allows a website to benefit from improved results in SERPs (rich snippets, rich cards, carousels, knowledge boxes, etc.).

Bruce Jones has since mastered the mysteries behind structured data. According to Bruce, “so that it can help your website the most, you need to know the secret ingredient of structured data and where to add it.”

Bruce Jones and his team also have knowledge of the local business scheme. Bruce explained what it means: “A type of SEO structured data, local business schema, can be added to your website to help search engine AIs better understand what type of business you have and what you do. As a significant ranking factor, providing this schema is an effective way to improve your business. local SEO efforts.”

By leveraging all facets of structured data, including the local business schema, Bruce Jones is able to offer clients:

• Rank higher on Google and Bing search pages.

• User Experience Display to provide a complete answer to questions and a better user experience.

• Clear information for local buyers

Bruce has 17 years of SEO experience, Jones has organized and spoken at dozens of training seminars and workshops on SEO strategy and implementation, social media, WordPress, digital marketing and more.

Want to know how structured data SEO services can benefit your business? Plan Date with Bruce Jones and he will be ready to answer your questions.

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